AIDS is a dilemma that is widespread in many countries on earth. It is brought on by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV. It destroys the person’s immune system, making him or her not able to fend off other harmful bacteria, parasitic organisms, yeasts, viruses, and health problems, and resulting to more severe medical conditions or even death.

Once a person afflicted with HIV gets a CD4 cell or T-cell count that is below 200 per mm, AIDS comes about. In the USA, AIDS is placed fifth in the listing of top deadly diseases in persons aged 25 to 44. It has infected around fifty million people around the world, and health specialists forecast that the number is going to consistently rise unless of course something is done to stop and cease the spread. 

How can someone get AIDS?
AIDS, or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is transmitted in many ways. A pregnant woman who has the condition can pass it on to her infant while being pregnant via the food nutrients and blood exchanged between them. Someone who gets involved in sexual activities without the use of protection is also more susceptible to being infected with it. Those that prefer to sleep around with almost virtually anybody, with no knowledge of the sexual histories of these unknown people, are also vulnerable. Fluid transmission like blood transfusion, semen, breast milk, and vaginal fluid can also distribute AIDS. Due to all these, AIDS is regarded as a pandemic. On an annual basis, approximately three million people are recorded to have been afflicted with AIDS. 

What are the signs and symptoms of AIDS? 

The most typical symptoms of AIDS are fever, inflamed glands, influenza, and sweating excessively. A patient might experience weight reduction, fatigue, and chills. These indicators are not present in the initial stages, and that is the reason why most people have no idea that they have the illness until the signs or symptoms become a lot more terrible.

How is AIDS cured?

You cannot find any treatment method that has efficiently eliminated AIDS or HIV entirely. Today’s treatment options can only decrease the speed of the spread of infection. The antiretroviral treatment performs by slowing down the assault of newly-acquired infections and extends even slightly the existence of the patient. All medications and drugs for AIDS can be purchased in all areas of the world, but they are extremely costly.

Health professionals and researchers perform many investigation, scientific studies, and analysis to finally come across a cure for AIDS. For quite some time now, a lot more people’s lives were taken away by the infection due to the cost of going through the treatment.

Government authorities are also hard at work in giving help to their AIDS-inflicted citizens. The numerous campaigns to inform people about AIDS and HIV are on-going worldwide. These volunteers would like people to understand that these kinds of illnesses are better prevented than cured. Information and facts and consciousness really play essential roles for the success of this fight against AIDS.