Hepatitis C

There are many types of diagnostic tests designed for Hepatitis C, such as the ELISA or HCV antibody enzyme immunoassay, PCR, and recombinant immunoblot assay. They can detect traces of Hepatitis C or its RNA accurately.

Chronic Hepatitis C

There is a type of Hepatitis C that can persist for more than six months in a person’s body and can be asymptomatic for even more than ten years. This is called chronic Hepatitis C, and it is among the most notorious Hepatitis infections.

Testing for Hepatitis C

To diagnose Hepatitis C, you have to check with a medical professional what the best diagnostic method is available.

First, there is the serology technique where a blood sample from the patient is required for examination. The test then will look for traces of antibodies that fight off the HCV. If a person tests positive, he or she will have to undergo a series of verification tests.

We also have liver biopsies to find out how much damage the liver has already taken. This is a bit of a risky procedure, but it should be done if necessary.

Hepatitis C Rapid test kit

Then, there is also the rapid Hepatitis C screening method where a person can use a rapid Hepatitis C test kit to test for Hepatitis C on their own, at home, in a private manner. You can buy these rapid Hepatitis C test kits online or at drug stores and pharmacies.