The majority of people do not desire other people to know that they are afflicted with a sexually-transmitted disease just like syphilis due to all the negative thoughts having an STD has. Apart from embarrassment, a person has to tolerate all the ridicule and judgments from others that he or she would not need at this difficult moment.

What a syphilis-infected human ought to have at this moment is a syphilis test, most importantly when he or she has not undergone one yet. The problem can develop into a much more severe complication if it is forgotten.

The early stages of infection

A person who is in the early period of syphilis can get small sores rising around the genital area. They are not painful but will be obvious there for around six weeks. In the following stage, spots of the red-colored and pink colored variations are likely to manifest in a number of areas of the body. They are intense rashes which could eventually turn to brown colored or darker red. The victim will also suffer from fatigue, fever, and throbbing headache. He or she might lose some amount of weight, and stumble upon swelling of the lymph nodes.

The latent stage

The symptoms in the latent stage differ based on whether a patient has got any kind of treatment for the sickness or not. If the individual is taking prescribed medication, he or she may not exhibit any more indicators as the first and second stage signs are already set to go away. Otherwise, the bacteria will discover its way to the several body organs and systems and get started on assaulting all of them. The joints, heart, brain, bones, and the nervous system will be situated to a lot risk if this takes place. Numbness, paralysis, and dementia are simply three of the worst case circumstances the man or woman might have to experience.

Testing and treating Syphilis

Upon uncovering the warning signs of syphilis, people are urged to speak to a health practitioner immediately. There are many methods to test for syphilis, and they are designed to determine the condition of the affected individual. Blood, urine, or saliva samples could be necessary for analysis and diagnosis, and so the patient has to be completely ready.

The usual treatment for syphilis is penicillin and other antibiotics like ceftriaxone, erythromycin, and tetracycline. These prescribed drugs will work the sickness and make sure to eliminate all the indicators. Take note of the side effects that may arise such as excessive sweating, fever, painful headaches, and even more rashes. These are common, but to feel safe, better check with a medical expert concerning this.