Have you heard of Hepatitis C? Every year, more and more people contract this very dangerous diseases. It is actually caused by a virus that attacks a person's liver. Anyone who gets afflicted with it will immediately suffer from swelling of the liver and other complications that can make your situation worse.

How is Hepatitis C transmitted?

Hepatitis C is transmitted in different ways. It can be passed on from one person to another by blood. Anyone who gets into contact with Hepatitis C infected blood is at risk of also having the disease. The use of used needles and other things can also endanger you of this illness. Having sex with someone who carries the virus is also another way of acquiring the STD.

Therefore, it is important to practice caution all the time. Refrain from sharing used needles with other people. Drug addicts are usually into this practice so they have higher chances of getting Hepatitis C. Those that are working in the medical field should be careful when handling blood work because a small open wound can become the entryway for the virus into their system.

What should you do if you find out you have Hepatitis C?

The first thing to do is to get a Hepatitis C test to confirm and diagnose your condition properly. If it turns out to be positive, you should immediately get treatment. Go talk to a doctor so that you can get only the best medical advice and opinion about your sickness.

If this process is not done at the earliest opportunity, you become highly in danger of suffering from more serious complications. So, do not wait any longer. Get tested for Hepatitis C as soon as possible.