Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease attributable to a bacterium. The early infection leads to an ulcer at the location of the infection. It has repeatedly been referred to as “the great imitator" just because a lot of the signs and symptoms are indistinguishable from the other illnesses.

Attributed to the Treponema pallidum bacterium, the infection is practically always contracted by means of sexual contact with an existing syphilis sore, notwithstanding that a congenital infection in which a pregnant woman transmits the health issue to her unborn baby may be possible. Syphilis sores usually manifest on the genitals, anus, or inside the rectum, yet they might also materialize on the mouth area.

Lately, the incidence rate of syphilis has elevated in both Canada and the States. Nearly all new conditions are being diagnosed in people within the male homosexual group.

Treatment Options

Syphilis is an effortless matter to remedy if snagged early on. A single intramuscular shot of the antibiotic penicillin G or azithromycin is necessary. Having said that, this is only the circumstance for infections of twelve months or less. More shots will be necessary for extended infections. Supplementary antibiotics can be exchanged for many who are allergic to penicillin. Treatment for syphilis will heal someone of the infection, but it will not aid whatever harm has already been implemented. Recently, drug-resistant syphilis has been dispersing. The most up-to-date info reveals that around ten percent are resistant to azithromycin.

Prevention Methods

The most straight-through way of preventing a syphilis infection is to refrain from sexual intercourse. This is accompanied by getting in a sexually monogamous partnership with a previously tested lover, and then by telling all sexual affiliates to be tested for syphilis. Condoms, once utilized appropriately, help reduce the chance of infection but do not terminate it. Cleaning the genitals with an antiseptic, either before or after intercourse, has little or no demonstrable influence on minimizing the danger of transmission.

It is emphatically suggested to stay away from any oral, vaginal or anal sex when having treatment, most especially when the patient is in the initial infectious levels of syphilis. Contact with any kind of sores or intense rashes bears a chance of syphilis transmission.

Even though utilizing a condom cuts the possibilities of getting infected with syphilis, it is not completely efficient. A condom may well not protect all of the sores or rashes in the afflicted locations, and direct skin contact can lead to transmitting it to you or others.