The number of people that have been infected with STDs around the world is very alarming. There are millions of them that have to endure all the pain and discomfort caused by these sexually-transmitted diseases. If you want to spare yourself from these, you have to be vigilant and ready to implement methods to keep yourself safe.

 Practice safe sex. This is a reminder that we always hear from adults. It has been said to us in our sex ed or health class. It is true. Practicing safe sex every single time can protect you from the dangers of STDs. Since STDs are primarily transmitted from one person to another via sexual intercourse, it is important to observe precaution when having sex. Use condoms all the time.

Try to be monogamous. Having several sex partners can be quite exciting for some people, but this actually puts them at higher risk of getting STDs. People who engage in sexual intercourse with multiple people at a given time can acquire any STD that his or her other partners have. But, if you stick to one person, you can keep track of your sexual health much better and puts you at lower risk of getting an STD.

Be well-informed and educated. Open yourself up to learning more about these STDs. Knowing what they are, what they can do, how harmful they can be, and how to deal with them can put you at a great advantage over those people that have no clue. Be familiar with the common STD symptoms because you can use this knowledge to know when it is time to get tested.

Also, you have to be aware that there are many ways to get tested for STDs, and the simplest and most convenient among them all is via STD rapid test kits. You can get these STD rapid test kits online via various online medical shops.