There are many dangers and threats associated with gonorrhea, so it is important that it is detected at the earliest opportunity. The best way to do that is to undergo a gonorrhea test. So what happens in a gonorrhea testing procedure?
What happens when you go to the clinic
The doctor will first ask you a number of questions regarding your sexual history, lifestyle, and so on. He or she will want to know everything so as to help him or she provides the most accurate diagnosis. Be sure to answer everything honestly.
Then, you will be asked to provide a sample of your bodily fluid, either blood, urine, or swab. This sample will then be taken to the laboratory for observation, analysis, and examination.
It may take a number of days before the test result will be available, so your doctor will advise you to abstain from having sex in the meantime. Doing so will prevent you from transmitting the infection to others if you have the disease.
When you get your test results

Once you receive the test result and you get a positive, it is time to sit with your doctor once again to discuss the best treatment solution for gonorrhea in your situation. Usually, antibiotics are prescribed to cure gonorrhea, so be prepared for that.

You should follow the instructions on how to receive your medical treatment for gonorrhea to ensure that the infection will be cured right away.

Testing for gonorrhea has never been so easy, fast, and accurate with the use of rapid gonorrhea screen test kit.