Chlamydia is an ailment brought about by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis.
(Chlamydia trachomatis) is a bacterium that can cause an infection that is similar to gonorrhea in the method in which it is spread and the signs or symptoms it yields. It is prevalent and strikes around four million ladies yearly.

How do you spread or transmit Chlamydia? 

You can actually spread Chlamydia despite the fact that you lack signs and symptoms of infection. You can pass on the infection until you finally have been cured.

Chlamydia is a venereal health issue that could be transmitted by sexual actions.

Semen from the penis, vaginal fluid, and blood can bear the bacteria that can cause the infection. The bacteria can enter into the body of a man or woman by contact with these fluids. The disease most frequently spreads by means of sexual intercourse and other intimate connections between genitals and the rectal region.

An affected mom can also transfer Chlamydia to her infant during childbirth. Babies born to afflicted women can get pneumonia or infections in their eyes, also known as conjunctivitis.

What happens if you fail to get tested for Chlamydia early on? 

Chlamydia is one among those health conditions that, if not treated, can have dangerous enduring side effects, especially for women. Even though complications among guys are unusual, uncared for Chlamydia is capable of irreversible damage in females, consisting of chronic pelvic pain, infertility, and potentially fatal ectopic pregnancies, or pregnancies that happen outside the uterus. Ladies who are infected with Chlamydia are also more prone to contract HIV if subjected. To be able to make certain early diagnosis and protect against an untreated infection from triggering irreversible damage, routine screening is very important and suitable for all sexually active grownups.

Can Chlamydia be treated? 

Chlamydia infections can be treated with antibiotics, but you have to head to the doctor to be checked because Chlamydia generally lacks the signs and symptoms.

In the event you test positive for the ailment, the doctor will prescribe the right prescription medication for it. It is important to communicate with all of your sexual lovers and inform them that you have Chlamydia to enable them to be tested. You should definitely make use of a condom each time you have sex.