One of the most dreaded sexually transmitted diseases is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or more popularly known as HIV.

HIV has infected millions of people around the world, and the number of victims continuously increases every year. It is prevalent in many areas all over the world, and it continues to take lives every single day. It is a virus that a lot of people are not that familiar with, and it takes advantage of this fact. It wants to affect as many people as it can.

Transmission of HIV virus

The virus is primarily transferred from one person to another through sexual contact. People who engage in unprotected sex with an HIV positive individual, even just once, are very susceptible to acquiring HIV. The fluids involved in sexual intercourse are the perfect mediums of transmission for this disease.

Also, if you get a blood transfusion and the blood used is HIV positive, the virus will automatically find its way to your internal systems. The use of needles and other tools already utilized by a patient will also lead to the transmission of the virus to you.

A pregnant woman who is suffering from HIV can pass the virus to the baby in her womb through the placenta during the exchange of food and minerals. A mother infected with the virus will also transmit the virus once she breastfeeds her newborn.

Taking an HIV screening test

Getting a rapid HIV test can help everyone with knowing immediately whether they are infected or not. This fatal disease needs to be diagnosed in its early phase so that the patient will still have time to counterattack. The virus moves fast, and before you know it, you are already bed-ridden and have no way of fighting it off.

The merits of rapid HIV test

Using a rapid HIV test enables you to perform the test by yourself at your own home! It is simple to do, and it costs cheaper than the traditional way of HIV testing. It can even give you a result in about 20 minutes! It has been approved by the FDA so there is no need to worry whether they are real or just scams.