HIV and AIDS are two of the worst diseases anyone can acquire. They can easily be transmitted from one person to another. Both attack a person’s immune system and make the person unable to fight off other infections. Today, doctors and other medical professionals are hard at work at finding a cure for both these diseases.


A person infected with HIV should undergo an HIV test to know more information about his or her condition. Many kinds of HIV tests can be done, and each utilize various types of equipment necessary to generate accurate and precise data.


HIV is a virus that when left untreated, progresses to AIDS. Unfortunately, several millions of people are affected with it today. There are some medications and treatments for HIV and AIDS patients, but not all of those are affordable and accessible to most HIV/AIDS victims.

If you are showing or experiencing any of the early symptoms below, you should get tested for HIV:

Joint pains
Lower back pains
Muscle pains
Appetite loss
Sore throat
Dry throat

If not treated, these symptoms may lead to more serious complications like:

Other STDs
Memory loss
Digestion problems
Weight loss
Swelling of the lymph nodes

So, get tested for HIV using rapid HIV home test kits to detect the virus right away, before it does more damage to your body.