A lot of you have probably already heard or read about the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV. It is a very prevalent illness that has afflicted so many people from many countries around the world.

Because of HIV’s very destructive nature, we have been warned to keep safe from it and observe precautionary measures in order to stay away from getting the virus. Every year, more and more people become victims of HIV primarily because they are uninformed and uneducated about this ailment.

The ways in which HIV is transmitted

There are a number of ways to transmit HIV. Probably the most common way to transmit it is via sex. So people who are sexually active are more prone to getting infected with this disease. Also, those that have multiple sex partners are highly likely to get the virus in comparison to those that are monogamous.

Furthermore, the sharing of needles, injections, and other paraphernalia can also put you in danger of getting HIV. If you use these used materials on yourself, the virus can easily get into the body through the blood. For that reason, be careful when handling these things so as to protect yourself from HIV.

Signs and symptoms of infection

HIV is caused by a viral strain that attacks our immune system. Once it gets into a person’s body, he or she may suffer from certain signs and symptoms that may trigger various discomforts and pains. Examples are rashes, fever, headaches, and so on. Therefore, if you notice any one of those symptoms manifest, you need to rush to the nearest hospital or medical clinic and get tested for HIV.

Testing for HIV

There are several methods to test for HIV. A doctor may need a sample of your blood, urine, or saliva. The testing process may take some minutes and would have the results available in a matter of days.

There is another way to test for HIV that is gaining more attention these days. This method is known as the rapid HIV test kits. These items are very affordable and they can be conveniently used at home. They are designed to enable anyone to test for HIV on their own. They can be bought online or from pharmaceutical stores. Once you conduct the test, you can expect for the results to be available in about twenty minutes. It is really fast, quick, and efficient.

Do not hesitate to consult a doctor if you have more questions about HIV. Gathering information about this disease will be very helpful and useful for the protection of yourself from getting it.