Chlamydia is one of today's most common STI or sexually-transmitted infections. It is caused by bacteria known as Chlamydia trachomatis and can infect human beings, whether they are males, females, young, or old.

In the United States along, it is said that approximately one million people are suffering from Chlamydia. It is also believed that the actual number is higher since there are a lot of Chlamydia cases that have not been diagnosed and reported.

Chlamydia Transmission

How Harmful Can Chlamydia Be?Chlamydia is transmitted in various ways. The most common is via sexual intercourse. People who engage in oral, vaginal, or anal sex with a Chlamydia-infected individual is at risk of getting infected with the disease as well.

Women who have the Chlamydia infection can pass the disease on to their baby. Therefore, they should get tested early on before the infection causes some damage and harm to their kids.

Chlamydia Warning Signs

While it is common for some Chlamydia patients to not manifest any visible signs and symptoms at the onset, it is important to watch for the other indicators that could pop up a little later on.

Unusual discharge coming from the vagina or penis, pain when urinating, genital itching, and pain when having sex are just a few of the most typical Chlamydia symptoms.

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