HIV is one of the today’s most prevalent STDs. It is an infection caused by a virus that attacks our immune system. It has already inflicted several millions of men and women all over the world, so there really is a need to stop its spread.

How people pass on HIV

In order for HIV to be transmitted from one person to another, it is necessary to have a fluid carrier (either blood or saliva). Open injuries and broken cells can be the entrance to another body so it is significant that you cover all these up. Aside from that, there are other medical conditions that you can contract in case these problems are left without treatment.

Sexual intercourse with an HIV positive person is another means to acquire HIV. At the time of sexual intercourse, bodily fluids are shared between two or more individuals. This is the ideal circumstance in which the virus can spread with no issue. The threat becomes greater if a person sleeps around with numerous mates or does not use protection.

HIV can also be transmitted during the pregnancy period, wherein the essential nutrients that the mother gets are shared with her unborn. This is a platform for the virus to be transferred to the baby’s body. Additionally, health professionals say an HIV affected person that breastfeeds can infect her baby. Hence, they alert mothers to find medical attention immediately so as to discover how to cope with this sort of condition. There are methods to spare the unborn from acquiring HIV, thus the mums must just have the determination and commitment to understand the information and measures necessary to save their little ones.

Raising awareness of the disease to combat it

More than a million people have been identified as having HIV in the US, and medical experts calculate that the number would rise each year. This is awful because as of the moment, the government and the healthcare practitioners are already having some a difficult time dealing with the health problem. Many awareness programs and promotions have been presented to help people be familiar with HIV. These want to halt the spread of the virus by teaching people with the risks of HIV. These are created to educate everybody of how to protect against contracting the virus and what they can perform to help the population.