Males, females, kids, and adults are all at risk of getting infected with Chlamydia if they fail to observe the proper precautions to avoid this disease. So, it is imperative that everyone knows what to do to prevent this infection from spreading.

Why Chlamydia is so prevalent
Chlamydia is among the most prevalent sexually-transmitted diseases today. It is caused by bacteria that is primarily transmitted from one person to another through sexual intercourse, whether anal, oral, or vaginal.

Known as a silent type of disease, Chlamydia can get into a person's body without him or her noticing it. There will not be any visible sign or symptom early on, no one is left to think that he or she is doing okay.
Chlamydia signs and symptoms differ in men and women.
In men, the moment they get infected with Chlamydia they are bound to experience painful urination. They are also at risk of producing an unusual discharge from their penis. Those that had anal sex can suffer from swelling of the rectal area, and those that had oral sex can get a sore throat.
In women, the usual Chlamydia signs and symptoms might show up after about one to three weeks upon first exposure to the disease. They are also going to experience painful urination, accompanied by painful sexual intercourse. If they had oral sex, they can have a sore throat or some other type of throat infection. If not diagnosed and treated promptly, complications such as miscarriage, infertility, ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease or PID, and cervicitis.
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