With millions of people worldwide having been infected with this deadly viral strain, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV has kept medical professionals busy for several years now.

HIV is a known killer. If left untreated, it will lead to AIDS, another fatal disease that has no cure up to now. In order to find yourself in this terrible situation, we must first and foremost educate ourselves with facts about HIV --- what it is, what it can do, how do you get HIV, what its symptoms are, how to treat it, etc.

HIV Transmission

HIV can be transmitted in different ways. It needs a fluid carrier, such as blood and saliva, in order to be passed on to another person. Open wounds and damaged cells will serve as the mode of entry into another person’s body so it is important that you cover all those up. There are various other diseases that you can contract if these injuries are left unattended. Once the virus enters the body, it will join the bloodstream and get a free ride to all our internal systems and organs.

Having sex with an infected person is also a way to get HIV. During sexual intercourse, semen, saliva, and other fluids are exchanged between two or more people. This is the perfect scenario where the virus can spread without any problem. The risk becomes higher if an individual sleeps around with multiple partners.

A baby can also contract HIV if his or her mother is infected. During pregnancy, the nutrients that the mother takes in are shared to her unborn. This is a venue for the virus to be transmitted to the baby’s systems. Also, doctors say an HIV patient that breastfeeds can infect her child. Thus, they warn mothers to seek medical help as soon as possible in order to know how to handle this kind of situation. There are ways to spare the unborn from getting HIV, so the mothers should just have the patience and perseverance to learn the information and steps needed to save their children.

Reports say in the United States, more than 1 million people have been diagnosed with HIV, and they expect the number to increase every year. This is not good because as of the moment, the government and the doctors are already having a bit of a hard time controlling the disease. More patients mean more work.

Various awareness programs and campaigns have been introduced to help people understand HIV. These intend to stop the spread of the virus by educating people about the dangers of HIV. These are designed to inform everybody of how to prevent contracting the virus and what they can do to help the community.

HIV is a disease that we should take lightly. It can seriously turn our lives around, so we better be smart with the decisions that we make in life.