Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease that is also branded or known as the clap. It is a quite prevalent STD which affects pretty much a million people per year in America. Both men and women can be affected. However, men normally show visible signs and symptoms of the health condition.


If you believe that you are affected or could have been affected with gonorrhea, it is important to get tested promptly, most importantly when you already demonstrate signs and symptoms. Longer subjection to the illness may give rise to various medical ailments which includes epididymitis in men, and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or PID in women. Gonorrhea may be treated with the help of antibiotics.


Confirm with your health care specialist without delay if you think you could have gonorrhea, or if you are afflicted with any one of its warning signs. Simple tests ascertain if you are afflicted. The earlier you get cared for, the better. Then again, even though gonorrhea treatment options are quite useful, it is not able to stop or fix any destruction in your reproductive organs attributable to the ailment. Thus stop by your health care doctor at a STD center without delay to correctly diagnose this condition.


The health professional commences the examination by questioning about your earlier medical files and information about the signs or symptoms that you are experiencing. Make certain you specify the symptoms at length and distinctively so that the physician can make an approximation regarding the interval you have been afflicted. A medical expert will also complete a physical exam and utilizing this, will look for any sort of indications of infection such as fever, and discharge from the vagina or penis, and swelling of the vagina and penis.


In case you are positive for gonorrheal infection, seek treatment without delay. Treatment solution includes taking antibiotic prescription drugs or by an injection. A dose is commonly sufficient but some antibiotics have to be taken in a prolonged period. Usual antibiotics advised to affected individuals are Ceftriaxine, Cefixine, and Ofloxacin.


Make sure that you take all of the suggested medications even when you are not experiencing any signs and symptoms. It is essential to stay away from any sexual activity unless you have affirmed and tested that you are not battling with the illness. Should you be positive for gonorrhea, you sexual buddy has to be tested to prevent the spread of disease and probable problems.