So how exactly do people contract Chlamydia? Is this an infection that one can get while hugging other people? What about kissing? Can you get Chlamydia by wearing other people's clothes?


Chlamydia is caused by a bacterium that can strike anyone --- adults, young people, males, and females. In fact, even babies can get it!


There are several different ways to spread or transmit Chlamydia from one person to another:

- Having unprotected sex, whether oral, vaginal, or anal is the number one method of Chlamydia transmission. If you have sex with an infected individual, the infection can get passed on during the exchange of bodily fluids.

- An infected pregnant female can transmit her Chlamydia to her baby. That is why it is required that pregnant females undergo STD testing during their pregnancy to detect any STD, including Chlamydia, right away before the disease reaches the baby.


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