Plenty of people have no desire for others to know that they are affected by a sexually-transmitted disease like syphilis on account of all the negativity having an STD possesses. In addition to shame, a patient will likely need to endure all the ridicule and judgments from other folks that he or she does not require at this difficult time.

What a syphilis-infected individual needs at this moment is a syphilis test, most especially when he or she has not gone through one yet. The illness can advance into an even more severe complication if it is overlooked.

Syphilis Warning Signs 

An individual who is in the early stage of syphilis will have compact sores showing up around the genital region. They are not agonizing but will be noticeable there for around six weeks.

In the next stage, clumps of the red and pink types will begin to surface in numerous parts of the body. They are intense rashes that may at some point turn brownish or dark red. A person will also have fever, tiredness, and headache. He or she could lose a tremendous amount of weight and have soreness of the lymph nodes.

The indicators in the latent stage are determined by whether a patient has obtained whatever treatment for the ailment or not. If the sufferer is taking prescription medication, he or she might not display any more warning signs as the first and second stage indicators are already starting to vanish. Otherwise, the bacteria will find its way to the other body internal organs and systems and get started assaulting every single one of them. The heart, bones, joints, brain, and the nervous system will be put to so much risk if this occurs. Numbness, paralysis, and dementia are only three of awful case situations he or she might have to cope with.

Syphilis Test and Treatment Methods

Upon seeing the signs and symptoms of syphilis, one is requested to talk to a doctor instantly. There are numerous methods to test for syphilis, and they are made to figure out the illness of the patient. Blood, urine, or saliva samples may be required for evaluation and diagnosis, so the patient needs to be ready.

The usual treatment for syphilis is penicillin and other antibiotics just like ceftriaxone, erythromycin, and tetracycline. These medicines will work the irritation and try to get rid of all the signs and symptoms. Pay attention to the unwanted effects that may take place like fever, sweating excessively, headaches, and more rashes. These are common, but to be sure, better consult with your doctor concerning this.

So, before your condition gets worse, buy a syphilis test kit from STD Rapid Test Kits and test yourself immediately!