The Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV, is a viral strain that should be taken very seriously as it is very hazardous. It can lead to various complications and AIDS, a dangerous and life-threatening disease.

How the virus is spread

This virus is contracted in different ways: sex, blood, and so on. It will assault the immune system, making a person more susceptible to different diseases and infections. 

So the important question to ask here is "how can one identify if he or she is positively affected by HIV?” 


HIV is one of the biggest health concerns today and it is the disease that gives rise to a full-blown AIDS. It is so prevalent that every year, more and more people become infected with it. Despite increased consciousness and awareness regarding HIV, AIDS and the dangers of unprotected sex, most people still don’t know very well what they should do to know if they have been infected with HIV.

HIV testing

Because HIV usually does not trigger visible signs and symptoms, it is not advised to rely solely on them. The best way to determine if you have contracted HIV is to undergo HIV testing.

HIV testing is done in many different ways and you have to provide a bodily fluid sample that has to be examined to find traces of the infection. You can choose a testing method for HIV that best suits your preferences, either by going to a doctor or using a rapid HIV test kit.

The earlier you get HIV tested, the higher the chances that you can save yourself from the terrors of this STD.