Despite the fact that many health organizations are monitoring the surge in a number of Chlamydia incidents and are doing their best to help and educate more people about this disease, there are still over two million cases which have been left undiagnosed and overlooked, as reported by a research.
Research has revealed that out of all the sexually-transmitted illnesses or STDs documented in the United Kingdom each year, around a third of them are Chlamydia cases. In America, over a million cases are recorded each year, making it the most popular bacterial STD in the nation.

The risk of getting infected

Anyone, whether you are a male or a female, can get infected with Chlamydia in several ways. A woman who is affected by the sickness can pass it on to her baby. An afflicted man or woman can pass it on to someone else via sexual activity, may it be anal, oral or vaginal.

A report states that women, specifically the young ones, are more at risk of getting affected with Chlamydia for the reason that their cervixes have not attained complete growth yet. Moreover, a person who has been with more sexual mates has bigger probabilities of getting afflicted with Chlamydia or various other STDs. In girls, a burning discomfort during urination could be encountered if they have Chlamydia. In addition, there is a lumpy discharge, and in more upsetting situations, fever, light bleeding, painful sexual intercourse, abdominal and lower back aches.

The impact on health if left untreated

Moreover, as soon as the bacteria find their way into the cervix, they expand to the other areas of the female reproductive system, to the fallopian tubes. Now and again, they will find their way to the rectum. It is critical that females find time to take a Chlamydia test to steer clear of critical complications. Untreated of the STD is going to lead to irreversible scars in the cervix, fallopian tubes, and uterus. It can also lead to PID or pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, and infertility.

Female Chlamydia victims are also in danger of getting Reiter's syndrome, which is an uncommon form of arthritis. It triggers painful wounds and the inflammation of the urethras and the eyes.

Extraordinary caution ought to be observed since more than half of Chlamydia cases are believed to not have any kind of warning signs whatsoever. Get tested for Chlamydia as on a regular basis if you have an active sex life. Doing so would help detect the STD while it is still in its early stage.