Millions of people are suffering from different kinds of sexually transmitted diseases nowadays. A lot of them have been diagnosed and are being treated, but there are also others that are left undiagnosed and untreated. Because of this, the number of STD victims continues to rise every year.

STDs are notorious for being very sneaky. They can get to you without you realizing it. For that reason, there are people that live their daily lives not knowing that there are bacteria or viruses that slowly cause harm and damage to their bodies.

How STDs typically spread

There are many ways to contract STDs. You have to watch out so that you can avoid putting yourself in these types of situations.

First and foremost, sexual intercourse is the most typical way of getting STDs. Having sex anally, vaginally, or orally can endanger you of getting STDs. Thus, you have to always use protection every time you have intercourse.

Also, STDs can be transmitted via blood. It is not too common these days, but there was a report some time ago that HIV infected blood had found their way into blood banks and was being transfused onto unknowing people. The stories were not really confirmed, but the thought of it and the possibility of it sounded really terrifying. So, if you need to do some blood work, make sure that you wear the right outfit and gears to avoid cutting yourself or being exposed to contaminated blood.

If you are a pregnant woman and you have an STD, you can pass that disease on to your child while pregnant or upon delivery. So, you have to see a doctor right away to receive treatment so that the risk of transmitting the STD will be lowered.

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