Know when you have AIDS

The Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS is rated fifth in the list of lethal health conditions that hit people in their midlife. It is recorded that over fifty million males and females on earth are enduring this critical illness. It is a health problem that is among the most infamous issues of any country across the world. It hits a human being’s immune system and can end up in death. The moment AIDS infects somebody, it manifests different warning signs. Some of the most prevalent ones are fever, swollen glands, influenza, and excess perspiration. Occasionally, the victim also experiences chills, weight loss, and weakness.

Nevertheless, these AIDS indicators do not instantly demonstrate the minute it infects an individual. There is a particular time period until they arise.

How AIDS is transmitted

It is also necessary to know how AIDS is transmitted. There are many means to transmit AIDS from one individual to another. As an example, when a pregnant female is positive with AIDS, she eventually ends up passing the infection on to her infant while still in the womb. The exchange of blood and food nutrients acts as the path for the infection to advance.

A different mode of AIDS transmission is by having sex with an AIDS-affected person. Doing vaginal, oral, or anal sex without the use of any condom can put you vulnerable to becoming affected by AIDS also. The fluids traded during sex possess the ailment, so it is crucial that you abstain from this activity with an AIDS victim.

Prevention is better than cure

Unfortunately, there is no cure to entirely wipe out AIDS. There are only treatment solutions that can decelerate the deterioration and chaos AIDS can cause. Antiretroviral treatments are typically presented to HIV and AIDS victim, but these fail to completely cure them. There are also prescribed medications given to AIDS individuals, but they cost quite considerably. As a result, a lot of AIDS patients have a tendency to not find treatment simply because they can not find the money for it.

Therefore, it is a whole lot better to stay away from any situation wherein we may acquire AIDS. Prevention remains the most effective strategy to protect yourself from AIDS. Always be careful when engaging in sexual activities and try to learn as much about AIDS as you can so that you are not left ignorant about this serious medical problem.