Those that are dependent on illegal substances like cannabis, cocaine, and others are more inclined to acquire AIDS simply because they usually make use of the same needles to inject the drugs in their very own body systems. If one or more of them is already afflicted with AIDS, the other folks who inject the used needles to themselves will certainly get the disease too.

Ways of getting infected with AIDS

A different way to get AIDS is by having unprotected sex with an HIV or AIDS affected person. The condition can be passed on from one individual to another by means of sexual contact. Regardless of whether you have oral, anal, or vaginal sex with an HIV or AIDS-afflicted individual, expect the virus inside your system before you know it.

The virus can be contained in a human being’s fluids. It can be identified in a person’s urine, perspiration, or saliva. Even though there are signs of the virus found in those fluids, they are insufficient to spread the infection around. For this reason, hugging an HIV or AIDS affected person, or shaking their hands will not cause you to get infected.

There might be situations when an HIV or AIDS-afflicted individual does not realize that he or she is ill with the infection. Perhaps simply because he or she has not gone through any HIV or AIDS test to confirm his or her problem. If this sounds like the case, they are most likely to go on with their regular daily routines not knowing that they are ill. They may still donate blood and transmit the virus to others unintentionally. Furthermore, the needles or injections utilized on them may be used by others. These circumstances are extremely alarming as the virus can get into the body and cause devastation the moment it is inside.

A pregnant mother who has the HIV or AIDS virus can pass the infection to her unborn kid. Through the years, increasingly more babies are delivered afflicted with the virus due to infected women that are not aware of their ailments. There are cases when an HIV positive mom gave birth to a healthy and balanced infant. If this is the situation, do not let the mom breastfeed the baby as the milk might have HIV that can also hurt the child.


The matter of “How can you get AIDS?” remains to be being asked by many people even up to this time. This simply means how ignorant people are of this illness. The numbers of affected individuals continuously multiply yearly, and it appears that it is not possible to prevent the spread of the infection. It is essential to get tested for HIV or AIDS to reduce the hazards caused by them.