With the prevalence of different sexually-transmitted diseases today, the search for treatment solutions for them has also been up top. Fortunately, there a lot of the most common STDs these days are very easily treatable. Here are some of them:
Chlamydia - This bacterial infection can be treated with antibiotics. Doctors may prescribe different antibiotics for each patient, depending on how they react to the medications.
Gonorrhea - Since this is also caused by bacteria, antibiotics are the best treatment plan for this infection.
Syphilis - Patients are also prescribed antibiotics to fight off this bacterial infection.
HIV - People diagnosed with HIV are given antiretroviral treatment so as to prevent the virus from replicating itself and spreading to other body parts. They must take these meds for a long time to keep the virus at bay.

Hepatitis B - This disease is caused by a virus and the best way to avoid it is to get a Hepatitis B vaccine at an early age. But, if you contract it when you are older, you will be prescribed antiviral meds.

Hepatitis C - This infection is also brought about by a virus and the best way to fight it is via antiviral medications.

You should consult a doctor to know the best STD treatment solution for you.