An HIV-related app was recently launched by Metropolitan Health and The Open Medical Project of South Africa to help medical workers.

The new app

Called the HIV Clinical Guide, it is designed to serve as a guideline for HIV health care workers to provide accurate information on various treatment solutions and medications for HIV patients.

According to a health official, with the heavy and demanding workload of doctors, nurses, and other medical workers in developing countries, this app can act as their support tools in making clinical decisions.

Features of the app

The app provides different types of information on diagnosis of HIV, HIV antiretrovirals, HIV treatment regimens, and others. It can calculate toxicity and adverse reaction pathology, as well as pediatric and renal dosage. It also has an HIV drug formulary which makes information on pharmacokinetics and contra-indications easily accessible.

Nowadays, HIV is one of the leading sexually-transmitted infections in the world. It is very widespread, with several millions of victims. It is very common in many developing nations, probably due to misinformation and unawareness.

If HIV is not detected and treated right away, it can progress onto AIDs and result in death.

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