HIV testing plays a crucial role in the diagnosis and treatment of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It should be done at the earliest opportunity so that the virus can be managed as soon as possible. Failure to get an HIV test right away can endanger your life and greatly hurt your body and health. So, do it promptly to avoid the severe complications.

Who should get an HIV test?

Sexually-active people are urged to get an HIV test on a regular basis. Those that had unprotected sex are also encouraged to do the same thing. People who found out that their sex partners have HIV or other STDs should get an HIV test as well. 

Where can you test for HIV?

HIV testing is available at some of the following locations:

  • - health clinics
  • - hospitals
  • - other medical facilities
  • - at home using a rapid HIV test kit

When should you get tested for HIV?

The best time to get an HIV test is after the window period lapses. Our bodies need to have released enough HIV antibodies to that the test can detect them and accurately diagnose the infection. The window period may last between 10 days and 90 days.