Over the past decade, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US has provided modified suggestions to promote health care providers to frequently present HIV testing. The government has been attempting to boost the quantity of those who undertake HIV tests and determine their status.

Even though HIV antibody testing has been implemented since 1985, modern technology has progressed through the years and has attracted several new and superior processes. Nearly all of the early methods concerned blood tests. It is merely in recent times that hospitals seek out antibodies in oral fluid or urine. The EIA employed on blood pulled from a vein is easily the most usual screening routine. It has been utilized to hunt for antibodies to HIV and a positive reactive EIA demands a follow-up medical test like the Western blot test for verification.

Methods Of HIV Testing 

Urine-based HIV Testing

These types of tests should be prearranged by a health care provider but they are considered to be significantly less accurate in comparison to other tests. Results are guaranteed with a supplementary Western blot test.

Oral HIV Testing

It employs the same examining and verification strategy as blood tests but gets fluid from within the gums for assessment. This is a noninvasive process that can be used when blood draws are believed risky.

Rapid HIV Test Kits

This test was first authorized in the States in the year 1996. It generates speedy results, normally in less than ten minutes, and is widely used for swift turnaround time as compared to the ordinary HIV tests just like the EIA and ELISA which need one or two weeks in order for the results to be generated.

The procedure of HIV testing can be too much to handle since there is a great deal you have to know relating to the several tests. Even so many people are susceptible to acquiring HIV and it is imperative that you get tested as an important part of routine medical care.

If you wish to visit an HIV testing clinic in close proximity to where you are at, log on to the Internet and find a testing center situated in the area. There are certain medical care centers that give secured testing for HIV.