There is a considerable amount of confusion concerning HIV testing which results primarily from the substantial leaps in our experience with HIV in the time given that the epidemic started and the development of the technology behind the testing tools. Consequently, the query as to which is the best quality HIV test will depend on the separate scenarios. The greatest HIV test is most certainly one that offers you with a correct and encouraging result in a time duration that matches you best. Everyone may have varying answers to the best kind of HIV test since their conditions will likely be a bit different. The primary issues to consider are firstly when you were perhaps subjected to HIV and secondly how urgently you must know the answer. The exposure period is essential since it permits us to figure out the HIV window span, which is the time from HIV viral attack to diagnosis.

HIV testing techniques

There presently exists HIV testing techniques that will enable us to recognize HIV infection quite early on really. This will be relevant for all kinds of reasons, not least the truth that we know that the vital period for transferring HIV on to somebody else is in the first two or three months after infection, when the number of virus in the infected individual’s blood channel or genital fluids may very well be extremely high. The quantity of HIV virus in a body fluid is named HIV viral load and in the beginning might possibly be many thousands or millions of replicates of virus in every single one milliliter of blood or fluid.

Mainly because the infection continues and the newly infected person's body system gets a grip on the new HIV infection, the quantity of virus reduces and that man or woman evolves into, we believe, far less infectious.

Merits of Testing early

Testing recently infected HIV positive men and women early enables us plenty of chances to impact the end result for the good. We recognize from studies that the majority of people who are mindful they are HIV positive are eager to prevent transferring HIV on to other individuals. They definitely have no desire an instant of turmoil on their part to trigger their loved ones turning out to be HIV positive also.