Many kinds of diseases, including sexually transmitted diseases, are threatening the lives of a lot of people nowadays. STDs can spread like wildfire, so it is necessary to be ready and prepared to protect ourselves from them.

How HIV affects the body

HIV is one of these notorious STDs that we should watch out for today. It is caused by a virus that strikes the human body's immune system. So, any time you get afflicted with HIV, your immune system starts to become weak and unable to do its job. You will have a hard time fighting off other viruses and bacteria because your body is not functioning properly anymore.

Getting tested for HIV

For that reason, it is important to get tested for HIV right away. So how do you know if it is time to get tested?

Well, you can look for the common symptoms of HIV to know if the time has come to get tested for it. Some of HIV's most usual signs and symptoms are rashes on certain parts of the body, swollen lymph nodes, persistent headaches, and migraines, and pain in the throat and/or tonsils. If you manifest any of those, you should go see a doctor and get an HIV test.

Testing for HIV can be done in a number of ways. Some recommend going to hospitals and laboratories so as to avail the services of medical experts and modern tools and equipment. The testing will require your blood sample so that the HIV or its antibodies can be detected.

Rapid test kits and how you can obtain them

Another way to get tested for HIV is via rapid HIV test kits. These rapid HIV test kits are designed to detect HIV antibodies by examining your blood/serum/plasma sample. They can then generate a highly accurate test result in just 15 minutes. Apart from that, you can perform the test on your own!

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