Benefits of HIV test kits

The significance of an HIV test kit can be encapsulated in a pretty easy truth. If it is not utilized in time and the HIV status is not proven, the virus can easily lead to AIDS. Then again, if the infection is identified in the beginning, essential medical therapy could be appropriately used to stop any dangerous issues. Hence it is just a matter of being conscious and this is where the HIV home testing kits now turn out to be useful. It is not necessary to pay a visit to a doctor for the test and the routine can be done in the ease and comfort of your place and as frequently as you would like.
What you need is a drop of blood taken out from a clean finger, which can be adequate for the home HIV test and the results are offered in ten minutes. An HIV test kit is quite safe to utilize. In addition to that, the home HIV testing kit is pretty correct. Yet, while studying the results, have one essential fact in mind. The HIV test examines the blood sample for potential HIV antigens. These HIV antigens may be identified only after twelve weeks of infection. Hence for precise results, a minimum of 12 weeks is definitely needed since that time of probable contact with the HIV infection before the test ought to be used. There is also a slight likelihood that it could actually take greater than the mentioned time frame of three months to identify the HIV antigens.

Who is a test kit best suited for?

HIV home testing kits are especially great for anyone who has had unprotected sex, or have had a tattoo or body piercing with filthy needles, or have shared hypodermic sharp needles. In any of the scenarios there is a possibility that HIV could be transferred and thus utilizing the HIV testing kit, is a smart choice. The stated reasons behind HIV infection cast enough light for the potential prevention ways. So as to keep away from the HIV testing kit or the danger itself, definitely choose to use condoms and practice safe sex. Any time you must go through any medical treatment, be sure that fresh needles are being used. Additionally, if you take pharmaceuticals, don't ever share your supplies. HIV infection goes through body fluids just like blood, semen, breast milk, and others. But then a hug or a kiss is not able to bring about HIV transmission.

In the event that the home HIV testing kit signifies that you have been infected, do not regard it as a lethal verdict. HIV infection could very well, but not automatically, end up in AIDS. Which means that even though there are HIV antigens in your blood, AIDS is not guaranteed. Truth be told, a lot of people who are HIV infected are leading quite ordinary lifestyles. Thus without panicking, have a scheduled visit with your doctor who will introduce you to the right physician. The most effective treatment, at the ideal time, can avert any terminal complications.