HIV screening is very important, especially because of how prevalent HIV is these days. They are tests and diagnostic procedures for the purpose of detecting the HIV antibodies in an infected person's body. For several years now, they continue to prove how successful and precise they are. 

The following are examples of standard HIV diagnostics used to detect and diagnose HIV:


- a testing method that is the most widely accepted- requires a patient’s blood sample which will be tested for traces of HIV antibodies. 

- conducted alongside the Western Blot confirmatory test- requires special types of equipment so is much more expensive than the other testing methods

Radioimmunoprecipitation Assay

- uses a sophisticated diagnostic tool that will look for the antibodies missed by the Western Blot test

- costs more 

- takes a much longer time to provide test results- only experienced and professional lab technicians are allowed to conduct the test

Rapid Latex Agglutination Assay 

- an alternative that is cheaper and not as complicated as the other methods

- is used in developing countries that are in need of an efficient

HIV screening Home HIV screening tests 

- perfect for people who want to get tested in private

- requires a patient's blood sample

- very affordable

- can return test results in as fast as 15 to 20 minutes

To protect against HIV, always remember to use protection when having sex. Be responsible and make smart decisions when it comes to your sexual partners.