The Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV, is a deadly disease that has infected several millions of people around the world. It is primarily transmitted from one human being to another via sexual intercourse without the use of protection.

Because there are so many risks and dangers tied to HIV, it is of utmost importance to observe the proper precautions to avoid this infection. The following are some necessary information that everybody should know so as to avoid contracting the STD.

Always use protection

Condoms are not exactly expensive and difficult to find, so it is very accessible to anyone. If you have an active sex life, it is highly recommended to use condoms every time you have anal, oral, or vaginal sex. The transfer of bodily fluids during intercourse can pass the disease on to you if you are with a partner who has the virus.

Testing among pregnant women

Aside from sexual intercourse, HIV can also be passed on from a pregnant mother who carries the virus to her child. Usually, it is during breastfeeding when the transmission occurs. So, pregnant women out there should get tested for HIV so that treatment can be administered to them and minimize the chances of passing the virus on to their kid.

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