What causes HIV?

HIV is a sexually-transmitted disease brought about by the virus called Human Immunodeficiency Virus. 

Who can get infected with HIV?

Anyone can get infected with HIV --- old people, young people, teens, males, females, and even infants!

How is HIV transmitted?

HIV is transmitted through the following:

  • - unprotected sex- sharing of drug paraphernalia
  • - use of contaminated tattooing or piercing equipment
  • - exposure to infected blood
  • - from an infected pregnant woman to her baby

What symptoms does HIV trigger?

HIV is asymptomatic, but when it does trigger symptoms, the following are the most common: night sweats, fever, sore throat, inflamed glands, and coughing.

What should one do if they suspect they have HIV?

Get an HIV test right away to correctly diagnose the disease and be able to receive the appropriate treatment as soon as possible.