Hepatitis C


HIV is a sexually transmitted infection that can evolve into AIDS, depending on its stage. It is a virus that attacks your immune system and weakens it up to a point when the body can’t handle it anymore. On another note, hepatitis C is an infection that can cause liver problems such as fibrosis, and it progresses to more severe states as the person infected with it becomes older. HIV and hepatitis C are connected in such a way that if a person infected with HIV can make the progress of fibrosis caused by hepatitis C much faster and therefore, more dangerous for the person infected. Also, experts say that HIV can cause the body to age faster, and with the suppression of the HIV virus, other chronic diseases go through the same process, which eventually becomes less severe. 

Liver fibrosis connection to HIV virus

In a study performed by experts in this field of research, the doctors have performed numerous tests and techniques on patients who got infected with HIV virus via injections, in order to study liver fibrosis in a less painful way. One of those techniques is called FibroScan, and it basically involves scanning and measurement of the liver, which is elastic, and that part essentially helps us discover liver fibrosis in people. Tests performed on people who are infected with both HIV virus and hepatitis C virus show that HIV virus is the main culprit for the heightened elasticity of the liver, and the virility of HIV is connected with a more severe form of liver fibrosis caused by hepatitis C virus.

Also, the therapy used in connection with these viruses opens up another possibility of delaying the progress of liver fibrosis. There are a few other things that need to be considered in relation to this research, and those are the impact of a person’s alcohol use in general, and greater body mass than usual, but the researchers think that medical treatments and overall medical intervention at these stages can help change all of these factors in the future. The research also shows that people who are already infected with hepatitis C virus and that have been drug users who have been injecting the drugs into their bodies in the past can have liver fibrosis that is already in a final stage more than nine years sooner, if there is the presence of HIV in the body as well.

Surprisingly enough, the infection with both HIV and hepatitis C at the same time is more common than people think, especially among people who practice using drugs intravenously, and those who practice unsafe sex with multiple partners, as those are the behaviors that are a more high risk than any other today. This research is an important part of the overall research of these viral diseases, and they can help solve a lot of health problems in the future, at the same time lowering the risks of both HIV virus infection and hepatitis C virus infection.