Health professionals advise people who have been diagnosed with HIV to immediately seek treatment. Unfortunately, HIV treatment today is not that cheap. The meds and drugs cost a lot, and most people cannot afford them. So, many resort to alternative treatment solutions that, most of the time, do not really work.


Here are a couple of examples of alternative medicine that do not really work when used:


Whether it is a regular garlic or some garlic supplements, this alternative medication may pose some risk and dangers to the patient. Garlic can help strengthen the immune system, that is correct, but it can react with the other drugs and meds already administered to the patient and lower their effectiveness significantly.

St. John's Wort

This is more commonly used to fight off depression, but when used to treat HIV/AIDS, it just reduces the effectiveness of the other medication.

On the other hand, here are some examples of alternative medicine for HIV that can actually help:

Whey Protein

This can help prevent diarrhea in an HIV patient. It can also trigger an increase in CD4 counts.

Fish Oil

Fish oil can help cut down the cholesterol levels of HIV patients.

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