Hepatitis C is a disease that is caused by a virus known as the Hepatitis C virus. It affects a person's liver and can lead to many different complications.

Who can get infected with Hepatitis C?

All of us is at risk of getting the Hepatitis C infection, most especially those people that are careless with their lifestyle and make poor life decisions. Whether you are a man, a woman, a teenager, or an adult, you are in danger of contracting this disease if you are uninformed.

How is Hepatitis C transmitted?

People can get Hepatitis C if they have received a liver that carries the virus via liver transplant.

Sharing used needles with people who have the disease also endangers you to acquire the virus.

Having sex with someone who is positive with Hepatitis C also puts you at risk of getting the infection.

What should be done to avoid getting Hepatitis C?

It is important to be informed and educated about Hepatitis C so that you will know how to protect yourself from it. Always practice safe sex and live a healthy and stable life to minimize the risks of having the infection.