If you have Hepatitis C, you may not show visible signs and symptoms right away. It is quite common for many Hepatitis C patients to not manifest anything noticeable, so it is not reliable to rely on those to tell if you have been infected.

But, once symptoms do develop and pop up, here are what they usually are:

- itchiness

- darker-colored urine

- abdominal pains

- joint pains

- fatigue

- sore muscles

- yellowing of the eyes or skin, a condition known as jaundice


Those that are in the later stages of Hepatitis C may suffer from serious damage in their livers and will exhibit the following:

- swelling fo the feet, legs, and abdomen

- variceal bleeding, which refers to the bleeding in the digestive tract due to enlarged veins

- redness on the palms of the hands

- muscle shrinking

- clusters of blood vessesls on the chest, face, and shoulders that look like small, red spiders

- severe damage to the brain and other parts of the nervous system, which is a condition known as encephalopathy

- memory loss- concentration problems

To avoid all these, it is best to get tested for Hepatitis C and not wait for the symptoms to show up. Use STD Rapid Test Kits' rapid Hepatitis C home test kit for efficient Hepatitis C testing.