Hepatitis C its Causes and TreatmentsBoth Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C are very serious infections to have, but I feel that Hep B is spoken about much more than Hep C so today I am going to explain a little about this infection, its symptoms and the treatments for it.

The symptoms of Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is an infectious virus which concentrates only on your liver organ and does not display any symptoms of you having this illness. In the US, most of the cases known are treated as being acute, once the virus settles in your liver over time it can lead to liver failure, cirrhosis, and liver cancer.

Hep C does not have any outward symptoms that will point to a diagnosis straight away, however health professionals over time have learned that patients who do have Hep C will show some of these general symptoms.

  • The feeling of always being fatigued.
  • Unable to want to eat.
  • Having abdominal pains.
  • Being nauseous.
  • Showing jaundice or your eyes and skin becoming a yellow color.

If Hep C is present for any amount of time and not medicated it can turn into the chronic version of the disease, this can then lead to your liver organ developing lots of scarring and then cirrhosis will occur.   Then the only hope of a cure is to receive a transplant of a healthy liver which matches your requirements.

How can you possibly prevent Hep C infection?

It is possible for Hep C to actually be prevented although as yet there is not a vaccination which is recognized by the health professionals which can actually do this, there are ways in which you can avoid catching the Hep C virus.

Do not share your toothbrush or razor with anyone else.

Only use reputable nail parlors to have a manicure as the virus can be transferred by just a scratch and a minute spot of blood being on equipment, and if it is infected then you could be as well.

Practise safe sex by using condoms at all times.

It is quite a costly procedure to treat the Hep C virus, and it is done so by a combination of medications rather than just one particular kind. There is one particular brand of drug which is named Sovaldi and during the time of its trials it was proved that it could erase all signs of the Hep C virus in around twelve weeks of taking this medication, unfortunately, it does come with the huge price tag of costing nearly a $1,000 to do so. So it is lucky that there are combinations of other medication that can also do this but possibly at a much cheaper cost. The most common medications are:





It is mostly treated with medication combinations of two or more single drugs:



These, however, do take anything from around twelve to twenty weeks to clear the infection.

As always I cannot emphasize enough just how important it is that you always practice safe sex unless you are in a continuing relationship and you know that the person does have a clean bill of health.