HIV is an infectious disease it is also known as a sexually transmitted infection that can leads towards AIDS when not treated at a time. AIDS can be developed after different stages of HIV. It is a very dangerous virus that assaults your immune system. This virus destroys the immune system to that extent and worsens it up to that point so that the body can not fight the infection and can’t able to handle it any longer. As we have discussed that it is an infectious disease that can cause many problems to the liver such as fibrosis and when the person who is infected with it becomes older the condition developed into more severe states. The combination between HIV and hepatitis C is that if a person that has the infection of HIV can make the development of the fibrosis that is caused by hepatitis C much faster so it will become more dangerous for the person who is infected. Hepatitis C is common among those people who have HIV as well. All the patients that are suffering from HIV should be screened for Hepatitis B virus. It is important that the people who are co-infected with HIV and Hepatitis B infection should work intimately with their physical condition in order to safely and effectively treat and monitor both conditions.

Hepatitis C

Connection of Liver Fibrosis with HIV virus

The large numbers of inspections are conducted by many experts in order to research on the field. Many techniques and tests are performed on those patients who are infected with HIV virus with the help of injections so that it is a less painful way and we can easily examine about liver fibrosis. The other technique that is easy to implement is known as Fibro Scan, in this test liver is scanned and measured, which is flexible, this part is helpful in discovering liver fibrosis in people.  The tests that are conducted on those people who have both the infection HIV virus and hepatitis C virus as well. These tests show that HIV virus is the major problem for the sensitive flexibility of the liver. The virility of HIV that is the more rigorous type of liver fibrosis is caused due to hepatitis C virus.

The therapy that is used in association with these viruses release one more option of impediment the development of liver fibrosis. The other things should also be considered when you are researching in this field and those are the general use of alcohol and the greater body mass than normal. It is the point of view of researchers that the medical treatments and overall medication can help in changing all these factors in the near future. According to the research that has been made the person who is infected with Hepatitis C virus and he has been using drugs and injecting them in your body can have the last stage of fibrosis more than nine years earlier. HIV can do the same as well if a person is infected with HIV infection then he should also have to suffer all these circumstances.

The people who practice unsafe sex with multiple partners and inject drugs into their bodies are more likely to have both the infections that are HIV and Hepatitis C at the same time and more people are affected by these infections. These both infections are more commonly happen. This research is a significant part of the whole research of these viral diseases, and they can be helpful in solving a large number of health problems in the future.