When a woman gets diagnosed with Hepatitis C, the first thing they will check is if they are pregnant. It is a common fear among women to pass Hepatitis C to their child. Although there are now breakthrough medicines that can cure Hepatitis C, these medicines are not tried on kids yet.

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Pregnancy and Hepatitis C

The good news is women with Hepatitis C have a very low chance of passing their infection to their unborn child. According to CDC, the chance of a woman passing the virus to her unborn child is below 6%. Now that new Hepatitis C drugs are promising 100% cure for adults, children with Hepatitis C are still hoping that they can use the same drugs as well.

Traditional Hepatitis C treatment for kids

Children with Hepatitis C are still receiving the traditional treatment of interferon and oral ribavirin from their gastroenterologists. The newly FDA approved Sovaldi (miracle pill for Hepatitis C) is only recommended for adults with Hepatitis C infection at the moment.

Treatment for pregnant with Hepatitis C infection

A woman infected with Hepatitis C cannot take any Hepatitis C drugs. Most of these drugs are too strong that they can cause side defects to unborn babies. An example of this is ribavirin, a drug that is not recommended for children below three years old.

If a pregnant woman proceeds with her pregnancy, it means that she will have to go through it without taking any medicines to fight Hepatitis C virus in her system. Once the baby is born, the baby cannot be tested for Hepatitis C infection either. Parents need to wait for 18 months before they can test a child to make sure that the result is solid and dependable.

A child with Hepatitis C infection’s chance

The chance of children with Hepatitis C infection to get treatment seems to be getting bigger now that Sovaldi makers are planning on making a clinical test for children. The clinical trial will test the efficacy and safety of Sovaldi in treating Hepatitis C infection and its possible side effects in children.

 Just like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C can also get cleared without taking medicines. Our immune system can try to fight this virus hence having a strong immune system is very important. Hepatitis C virus is very slow in killing our organs and immune system hence the immune system can easily kill it off. According to data, at least 75% of adults with Hepatitis C get cleared from it without taking any medicine. The remaining 25% are the ones who had fast progression of the infection and needs to seek medical treatment.


As a mother, you would not want your kid to suffer because you made mistakes such as using infected needles or you had a blood transfusion and it was done incorrectly. Although Hepatitis C is now easier to cure for adults, it still requires expensive treatment so instead of spending for treatments, why not take care of yourself today and use that money for your personal needs instead!