Hepatitis B and children


Hepatitis B virus was first discovered in 1966. During those days more than 350 million people around the globe were suffering through it. Mainly this virus damages the liver of the infected human and causes many other liver diseases. You can protect yourself and your family from this infection with the help of the Hepatitis B vaccination.

Hepatitis B and children

Most of the times the children get infected with hepatitis B. It is mainly when they are in the womb of their mother, and she is also infected. As there is a vaccine for hepatitis B so the children are susceptible to it. With all of these things, there are many people claiming that children are still getting hepatitis even after they got the vaccine.

Why miss Hepatitis B vaccine?

After researching a lot, a data table was formed which stated that over 33000 children are infected with the hepatitis B even though they did not get it from their mother while in the womb but they got infected due to some other reasons. Talking about the children who did not have the vaccine on time and got infected due to their mothers are about 12000. So this means that if you want to lessen the chances of the baby getting infected, then you must give the first shot of vaccination to the child after some hours after he born.

Children at home

So the children in their homes are not even safe from this infection. As we know that this disease transfers through body liquids such as mucus and even saliva. So if the adults kiss them and are suffering from the disease then for sure the child will also get infected. Children who share the towels with the infected adults or other personal things may also get infected.

How to protect kids from Hepatitis B

There is a way discovered to safeguard the babies of the mothers who were tested positive with hepatitis B. it is said that when a baby is born, he is not fully infected, but he gets the infection slowly through her mother’s blood and the fluids, even the milk. This is the actual reason why the child must be vaccine after some hours of birth. The parents should also tell the gynecologist that she has hepatitis B, so the arrangements could be made to give the baby the vaccine right after some few hours. 

And if a baby is born with hepatitis B negative from the mother than the child must receive the hepatitis B vaccination which is said to be given in three to four doses. You can only say that your child is fully protected from the virus when the treatment is fully completed. You must give your child instructions about his good health, which he must eat healthily and exercise and do such stuff so that his immune system and the body stays active so that if any other time in his life he gets infected again, he fights against it and get treated as soon as possible.