Today, there are more than 20 sexually-transmitted diseases in existence around the world. They have infected several millions of people and they will continue to do so if people lack the awareness and right information about these STDs.

One of the more popular and widely spread STDs in the world today is gonorrhea. It has been around for so many years, and it is recognized as the second most common sexually-transmitted disease. Every year, around half a million people are reported to have been infected with it. Imagine how much more have gonorrhea and are not aware of it.

What is gonorrhea?

Gonorrhea is the world’s second most common STD. It is caused by a bacterium known as gonococcus. This bacterium likes to hide in warm, moist areas, such as the genitals or the rectum. It can also grow in a person’s cervix, urethra, and throat.

The gonorrhea bacteria spread and multiply fast so it is extremely necessary to get tested for gonorrhea immediately so that the proper gonorrhea treatment can be administered to a patient.

What are the symptoms of gonorrhea?

There are many symptoms of gonorrhea. You have to watch out for them and use them as indicators that you have to get a gonorrhea test as soon as possible.

Strange-colored discharge from the penis or vagina (usually green or yellow) is common to gonorrhea patients. Pain or burning sensation while urinating also happens to males and females that have been infected with gonorrhea.

There have been many cases of gonorrhea where patients do not exhibit any visible symptoms at all. This event is quite alarming as many people use the symptoms as a sign that they need to get a gonorrhea test. Now, if there are no visible gonorrhea symptoms, what will they use to remind them that they need to undergo a gonorrhea test?

What should I do when I have the symptoms of gonorrhea?

Of course, you have to get tested for gonorrhea right away. Manifesting the symptoms of gonorrhea may mean that you have been infected with it. It may also mean that you have been infected with some other type of infection that has similar symptoms to gonorrhea. Either way, you have to get tested for gonorrhea immediately so that the doctor can give you the suitable treatment.

It is important to raise awareness about gonorrhea to lessen the number of people that fall victims to it every year. Gonorrhea is a dangerous disease that we should all stay away from and protect ourselves from.