Caused by the bacteria called Neisseria gonorrhoeae, gonorrhea is one of the most common sexually-transmitted diseases today. It is usually contracted through contact with an infected penis, anus, vagina, or mouth.

Persons at risk of Gonorrhea infection

A person is likely to get infected with gonorrhea if he or she:

- has multiple sex partners
- has sex with someone who has a history of gonorrhea or other STDs
- does not use condoms when having sex
- is a drug addict

Symptoms of Gonorrhea

Once the STD gets into your body, the first symptoms may appear after about a couple of days. The following are the most typical gonorrhea symptoms in men and women:

- pain when urinating
- odd-colored discharge from the penis or vagina
- sore throat
- more frequent urination
- swelling of the urethra
- lower abdominal pains

The best way to deal with these gonorrhea symptoms is to get tested for gonorrhea so that the right treatment solution can be given to you. You should go to a doctor's clinic to get a gonorrhea test to have a proper diagnosis of the infection. If you test positive, you will be prescribed a certain antibiotic that can eradicate and kill the bacteria.

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