Among the most widespread sexually transmitted diseases nowadays is named gonorrhea. Gonorrhea is infamous for triggering various symptoms that tremendously impact the correct functioning of a person’s body. It is among the most dreaded STDs at present, and it is necessary that an individual gets tested for gonorrhea the moment this individual suspects that he or she has got it.

The moment someone contracts gonorrhea, it takes a minimum of 2 or 3 days for the signs or symptoms to make an appearance. On many occasions, the signs or symptoms do not show up until after four weeks. As a result, lots of people end up getting undiagnosed gonorrhea and only find out that they have the condition when they get to the latter two stages of the disease.

Signs and symptoms

The chief indicators of gonorrhea in men include things like excruciating urination, the strange-colored discharge being released by the penis, irritation or itching or redness around the penis tip, inflamed testicles, and sore throat. On the contrary, the signs and symptoms of gonorrhea in women include things like strange-colored vaginal emission, excruciating urination, sore throat, uncomfortable sexual intercourse, major pain in the lower abdomen section, and high fever.

If they are not treated right away, gonorrhea can get into the bloodstream and get spread around the human body. When this occurs, an individual is going to encounter more signs or symptoms like rash breakouts and a thing similar to arthritis.

How gonorrhea is spread

An individual can get gonorrhea through contact with an afflicted person’s mouth area, anus, vagina, or penis. The gonorrhea bacteria like to grow in damp and warm portions of the body, so watch out for these areas. Often times, gonorrhea can also infect the fallopian tubes, urethra, cervix, and uterus of its female patients. It would also bring about injury to the eyes.

Slum regions or areas where the citizenry is not really well-informed usually tend to have a lot more cases of gonorrhea. Furthermore, gonorrhea can be contracted in many ways like unprotected sex and have multiple sexual partners. Those who do not make use of condoms when having sex, who are hooked on drugs, and who are into man-to-man intercourse are usually more susceptible to getting the infection.

How to prevent the spread

If you want to deal with gonorrhea, people must stop at the most adjacent STD clinic and go through a gonorrhea test. In this manner, they can verify or debunk their worries of getting the disease. In the event that they come to be positive with gonorrhea, they could promptly seek out treatment for gonorrhea. They can also submit to more gonorrhea testing options to validate the results and familiarize more on their problems.