People who suspect that they have contracted gonorrhea are encouraged to undergo a gonorrhea test so that they can know as soon as possible whether they are really infected with the disease or not. Gonorrhea is a sexually-transmitted disease that causes a lot of harm to the body, so it must be treated right away before it does more damage.

There are several methods to test for gonorrhea. People can avail of it by visiting the nearest STD center or health clinic in their areas. They can also learn more about gonorrhea and other STDs through those medical facilities. Anyway, I have decided to give a brief description of some of the more common gonorrhea testing methods below.

NAAT or Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests

The NAAT is a gonorrhea testing method that is done by getting swab samples or fluid samples from a potential gonorrhea patient. This test looks for genetic traces of the bacteria that is responsible for gonorrhea. Once it finds it, it makes replicates of said genetic material that includes transcription mediated amplification or TMA and polymerase chain reactions or PCRs.

Nucleic Acid Hybridization Test

The Nucleic Acid Hybridization Test also called a DNA probe test, is a gonorrhea test conducted by getting body fluid samples of patients. In women patients, samples are taken from their cervix, and in men, samples are taken from men.

The DNA probe test looks for the DNA or genetic material of the bacteria that causes gonorrhea. Samples from the throat of a gonorrhea patient are not as reliable, so medical professionals do not advise it.

Gonorrhea Testing Kit

There are gonorrhea testing kits available at STD clinics and health centers. These products offer a more convenient and faster way of getting tested for gonorrhea. They are preferred by some people because they enable testing in the privacy of their own homes. As long as you use a gonorrhea test kit that is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration or other legitimate health agencies, there is no reason as to why not proceed with this gonorrhea testing method.

Gonorrhea is contagious so it is extremely important to observe the right precautions in order not to spread it and infect yourselves. It can be transmitted in many ways so people should be informed and educated about all the necessary things regarding gonorrhea.