One of today’s most widespread sexually transmitted diseases is known as gonorrhea. This STD has already infected multitudes of people from all parts of the globe, and it continues to do so as the years go by.

How do you get infected with Gonorrhea? 

There are various ways to get afflicted with Gonorrhea. It is primarily acquired through sex. People who live an active and vibrant sex life are more prone to getting Gonorrhea, especially if they fail to use condoms every time. Having sex with a Gonorrhea positive person can put you at great risk of suffering all the symptoms and complications that come with Gonorrhea. For this reason, it is important to always be safe when having sex and undergo Gonorrhea testing as soon as you can.

How can you get tested for Gonorrhea? 

There are several methods of Gonorrhea testing. First of all, you can head to the nearest STD clinic or hospital in your area to get tested for Gonorrhea. I am pretty sure these facilities are equipped with correct tools and devices to correctly diagnose Gonorrhea or any other STD.

Gonorrhea testing usually requires a fresh urine sample from a patient. Medical experts will then take the sample to the laboratory to look at it closely. One common Gonorrhea test method that uses urine sample is known as the gram stain, wherein traces of the Gonorrhea bacteria are being searched in the urine sample.

The results for this type of Gonorrhea testing method may take a few days to weeks. You can either drop by the facility to get you results or call them.

Alternatively, you can buy a gonorrhea test kit. Gonorrhea test kits are available in drug stores or online. These devices offer several benefits which make them a favorite among common people.

A Gonorrhea test kit offers privacy and convenience that STD testing in a medical center can not. It comes in a handy package that makes it possible for people to conduct the test in their own homes. It also offers privacy and security for those that do not want to go out to get tested for Gonorrhea.

Using a Gonorrhea test kit will enable you to receive the results in less than an hour. Therefore, you will know in a very short time whether you are positive with Gonorrhea or not.