Do you know that gonorrhea is a very common sexually-transmitted disease? Are you aware that in the United States alone, this infection strikes several hundreds of males and females every year?

With the prevalence of gonorrhea, it only makes sense to go out and do something to control and manage its spread. But, it should start within yourself. You have to first become aware and informed about this STD so that you can be sure that you remain gonorrhea-free for the rest of your life.


A lot of gonorrhea cases do not manifest visible symptoms. People who experience noticeable symptoms usually have:

- pain when urinating

- odd discharge from the penis or vagina

- swelling of the testicles

- bleeding in between menstrual cycles


Gonorrhea tests are available to accurately diagnose this infection. You can use a rapid gonorrhea test kit for fast and accurate gonorrhea test results. 


Those that get a positive test result for gonorrhea should seek treatment right away. They have to see a doctor to get a prescription for the best antibiotic treatment for their gonorrhea infection. Failure to do this at the earliest opportunity may result in serious complications such as different infections in the throat, anus, eyes, and mouth.