When we talk about gonorrhea, we usually do not know that many facts about this sexually transmitted disease, or STD. Gonorrhea is caused by bacteria that multiply in moist and warm areas of your body. A person can get infected with gonorrhea through vaginal, anal or oral unsafe sex. In the USA, around 700, 000 people get infected with this sexually transmitted disease each year, statistics say.

Possible Complications of Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea can cause severe complications during pregnancy. It can lead to PID, pelvic inflammatory disease, which infects the fallopian tubes and can damage your reproductive organs, and it can cause fever and abdominal pain as well. It can also cause miscarriage, infertility and other different severe problems. If you know that you have gonorrhea and do not get the right treatment, you can transmit gonorrhea to your new-born baby, even after birth, which can then cause the baby to have an eye and joint infections and very severe blood infections.

Symptoms and Protection

Gonorrhea usually does not have any visible symptoms, at least not at the beginning of the infection. They can manifest themselves after a period of two weeks and are usually seen as vaginal and penis discharges, painful and burning sensation while urinating, and sharp pain in the abdominal area. If you think that you might be infected with this sexually transmitted disease, talk to your doctor and arrange a testing so that you can be sure. If the tests are positive, then talk to your partner as well as this will reduce the risk of spreading the disease, among other things. You also have to abstain from any sexual activity during treatment, which is done with antibiotics, because you can spread the infection of this sexually transmitted disease even when on medication. Antibiotics are drugs that are used to kill infections throughout your body that is caused by bacteria, and this treatment can also prevent problems and complications in your pregnancy. It is essential that you learn how to protect yourself from the consequences of this sexually transmitted disease. First of all, you should get tested, and if you find out that you are infected with this sexually transmitted disease, you should get treated for it as soon as possible. Also, if your partner also has been infected and doesn’t get proper treatment, you can both pass it back again from one person to another. When you go get tested for gonorrhea, also get tested for chlamydia as well, because those are the two most common sexually transmitted diseases that have very similar symptoms and you never know which one can cause your infection. One of the other ways is to practice safe sex by using condoms, as this is the main means of protection that can save you from getting infected with a sexually transmitted disease, which is spread through sexual contact. It is also very useful to know that the pills that you use for protection from pregnancy will not protect you from getting one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases.