Transmission Of Gonorrhea

There are different ways to transmit gonorrhea from one person to another. 

- being in a sexual relationship with a person who has many sexual partners

- having sexual relations with more than one man or woman

- performing dangerous, unprotected, and unsafe sexual practices


Symptoms Of Gonorrhea

The signs and symptoms of gonorrhea vary from males to females. Here are the examples:

The symptoms in males include: 

- odd-colored (usually green, yellow, or white) emission from the penis tip

- pain and burning sensation while urinating

- bleeding or discharge from the anus

- pain or swelling of one or both testicle

- itchiness in the anal region

The symptoms of gonorrhea in females include:

- bleeding during/after sex

- bleeding between menstrual periods

- inflammation around the vaginal opening

- bleeding or unusual discharge from anus

- increased vaginal discharge

- lower abdominal pains

- painful urination

- fever