What Is Gonorrhea?

One of the most widespread sexually-transmitted diseases today, gonorrhea is an STD that is caused by bacteria. It can thrive in the dark, moist parts of a person's reproductive tract, which includes the urethra, uterus, fallopian tubes, and cervix (females). In some cases, gonorrhea can also infect a person's eyes, mouth, anus, and throat.

How Is Gonorrhea Transmitted?

People can get gonorrhea if they had sex with a person who carries the infection. Sex can either be oral, vaginal, or anal. Also, it can be transmitted from a pregnant mother to her child upon childbirth. Those that have been infected with gonorrhea and gotten treatment can still get infected with it once again if they stupidly engage in sexual intercourse with someone who has the infection.

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Gonorrhea?

Men and women will manifest different gonorrhea symptoms. For example, in men, they will experience painful urination, yellowish or whitish discharge coming from the penis, and swollen testicles. In women, the symptoms are usually mild and comparable to other types of infection. They will experience pain when urinating, unusual vaginal discharge, and light bleeding between their menstrual periods.

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